Gifts of the stone age: unusual findings of Russian archaeologists in the sacred fire pit.

Echoes of antiquity quietly hiding under the veil of modernity, preserving the mysterious puzzles of the past. Russia, the largest country in the world, surpasses in size all the countries and has a rich heritage starting with the beginning of times.

Carrying up excavations in the berthing of Kostylevo-2 in the vicinity of the Bryansk region and having discovered the sacred fire pit of Paleolithic era archaeologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences returned to 23 thousand years ago. In addition to the usual remains of mammoth, the fire discovered a previously unknown exclusive artifact. Scientists suggest that the finding which has highly tight structure and an asymmetric tip, was made from large mammoth’s bone. The exhibit is decorated with carved illustrations of crosses & arrows. Scientists will have to unravel his destiny.

Also, archaeologists have revealed “Paleolithic Venus” – 3 unusual sculptures of women, carved from chalk. One of them was kept in the pit with a high density of large silicon plates, and the other two were found depicted shoulder to shoulder. Near the fire pit is a stuck of bear claw. Is it the hunter’s trophy or talisman? We’ll find out.

Numerous remains of bones & skulls of animals and a large number of charcoal indicates that fire pit was used for conducting sacred rituals. A successful hunt is one of them. According to scientists and historians, a hunter who killed the beast made a sacrifice for calming its spirit and continue his kind. During the late Paleolithic era people had to coexist not only with mammoths, but cave lions & bears, whose dimensions were impressive: the weight of brown bear reached 500 pounds, and the growth ranged from 2 to 5 meters.