The sight of magical beauty in clear sky, where the most different balloons fly like big birds: bright, patterned, with whimsical shapes and patterns, multicoloured giants.

Do you dream about having wings on your back? Welcome to the balloon festival from June 17 to 24, 2019! Balloons will soar up in four cities of the golden ring: Suzdal, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky and Yaroslavl.

Rise into the sky and touch the clouds with your hand? All is possible! One has only to want, and you will find yourself aboard a bright air giant, looking at the ancient Russian cities from heights, where mountains, hills, mighty rivers, quiet temples and churches, whose domes play with the sun stay. Watching the beauty of blue sky from the ground is interesting and fascinating. But still, the most indescribable feeling is to become a passenger of the balloon, feeling like a bird. Admire this fairy tale is necessary at night – the flight of glowing balls among million twinkling stars makes you believe in magic!

The 19th festival of blimps collects both romantics and pragmatic natures from every corner of the world! Dolores Travel invites everyone to admire the heavenly balloon theatre any time, taking care of a comfortable and cozy stay of their guests in the famous Golden Rings’ cities.

Touch the sky with your hand!