When the city wraps itself up on a holiday, the mood takes on a second life: this is what happens on New Year’s holidays – everything breathes miracles, fun & happiness.

Holiday “Christmas Journey” will have been held in Moscow from December 13 to January 12. A whole month of Christmas & New Year’s miracle on the streets and squares of the city will allow us to return to childhood, where these holidays gave us endless joy, and we waited for it for a year and were burned with the desire to quickly decorate the Christmas tree and prepare gifts for loved ones.

Unlike last year, this time the organizers will devote the theme of the festival to the theatre. Large-scale theatrical performances & events for residents and guests of the capital are expected. Last year, the organizers plunged headlong into the literary theme: the holiday was held under the perusal of poems and stories, and literary characters came alive from popular fairy tales & stories.

The holiday will cover all areas of Moscow. Festival guests are expected not only competitions & gifts but also a special task – a large-scale quest. Everyone who wants to participate will be given a special passport in which everyone will have to put a check in front of the indicated tasks: the one who has the most checkmarks will receive the main and largest prize. Which one? It is a secret!

The Journey to Christmas festival will drive away grey everyday life and burst into the gray everyday life with a ray of sunshine. At the festival, bursts of entertainment events are expected – from masterclasses to concerts of local stars. Shops with New Year’s souvenirs will cheer you up with fun colours & designer compositions for home and gifts for loved ones.