Confidentiality of data and consent to its processing

The CUSTOMER is guaranteed the confidentiality of the data provided to them for the purpose of booking hotel services

The CUSTOMER is responsible for the confidentiality of his registration name (username) and password, as well as for all actions performed under this name (username) and password. The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable and shall not compensate for losses incurred due to unauthorized use by third parties of the CUSTOMER's identification data.

The CUSTOMER agrees to the processing and storage of their personal data provided for processing and placing the order.

Payment by Bank cards is made after checking the order.

Payment by VISA Bank cards

All types of VISA payment cards are accepted for payment, except Visa Electron. In most cases, the Visa Electron card is not applicable for online payment, except for cards issued by individual banks. If you can pay with Visa Electron, you need to check with the issuing Bank of your card.

Payment with MasterCard credit cards

All types of MasterCard are accepted for payment on the site.

 What you need to know:

• your credit card number;

• expiration date of your credit card, month/year;

* CVV code for Visa cards / CVC code for Master Card: the last 3 digits on the signature bar on the back of the card.

If the CVC / CVV code is not present on your card, then the card may not be suitable for CNP transactions (i.e. transactions in which the card itself is not present, but its details are used), and you should contact the Bank for more information.

Order cancellation

If you delete a service from a paid order or cancel the entire order, you can fully refund the entire amount to the card with the help of the Manager or a written request no later than 2 days before the service is submitted.