Crimean coffee & food festival 2019

Fragrant and the most desired event in Crimea will be held from October 24 to 26. The International Coffee and Food Festival is a celebration that honors the world’s favorite drink & delicious food. This festival will turn into one big coffee shop, inside which everyone will be offered a cup of coffee and cosiness.

To taste various tastes and tart fragrances of an invigorating drink and enjoy that special Crimean autumn that gives a golden picture of October landscapes – that’s the reason to become a guest or a direct participant of the event. The fest will present training workshops for bartenders, barista, restaurant business owners and administrators working in this area. Crimean specialists of HoReCa hospitality segment will become important and dear guests of the event.

This year the festival celebrates its anniversary – it has been pleasing Crimean inhabitants for 5 years now. Within its framework, the championship of barista and cap testing (test & unraveling coffee notes) will be held. Who shall be the best in the art of making wonderful drink? This important decision depends on you. The winners, representing the peninsula, will become finalists of the All-Russian Championship in Moscow.

During the festival, visit the exhibition of BAZAR & COFFE EXPO – “Everything for Coffee”. Coffee world industry will present to its visitors all the subtleties of preparing not only fragrant grains, but also tea. Manufacturers of equipment, accessories for coffee makers, syrups & packages will help and tell you how to choose the best for such an important ritual as making coffee.

Organizing tours around the Crimean Peninsula, Dolores Travel offers to become a part of coffee fest held this warm autumn. The coffee & food festival is already beginning to beckon with sweet fragrance of its cheerful atmosphere.