Maestro, music!

Musical art has never been so ambitious and impressive! Dolores Travel Russia invites you to the 8th international festival «Fanfares of Kazan», which starts on August 15, 2019!

This celebration can be compared with the flight to the beautiful country of melodies and songs familiar to your heart, where each note takes on solemnity. For the first time the festival “Fanfare of Kazan” was held in 2012 on the stage of the House of Culture Menzhinsky. Since 2014 permanent venue of the ceremony is the territory of the unique museum-reserve “Kazan Kremlin”.

75,000 people attended the music festival last year, and this is truly an impressive amount! According to tradition, the festival will triumph in the territory of the Kazan Kremlin, where the sacred Kul Sharif mosque and the Annunciation Cathedral dominate. The eyes of the audience will see the residence of the President of Tatarstan in the interlacing with the main and mysterious architectural landmark of Kazan – the tower Syuyumbike.

About a thousand professional musicians in the face of gunners, sailors, rocket men will merge into solemn ensembles to create a deafening show. No cost without Kazan jazz orchestra “Fantasia”.



The solo performances of the orchestras will delight guests of the event not only in the territory of the Kremlin, but also in parks and squares. Beautiful parade along the famous Bauman Street will be a bright spark of musical fireworks, illuminating cultural and historical heritage. You will get acquainted with such monuments as “Kazan Cat” and “The Carriage of Empress Catherine 2”, magnificent fountains, and most importantly – with the brick bell tower of the Epiphany Church. The Dolores Travel Russia company will look care about comfortable journey through Kazan, because The capital of Tatarstan, with its lights, magnificent architecture and beauty waiting for you, dear friends!