Combine business with pleasure means to go to the mountains on the horseback. You will be able to enjoy with the smart view of the Olympic Park and the Black Sea shore from the height of the Caucasus Mountains. Pleasure to communicate with the noble animals is incomparable with anything and the beauty of the mountainous route will multiply it in many times. The routes are laid along the unique natural monuments and wildlife habitats of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. You will be led through the rocky trails, you will visit age-old forests on the offshoots of the mountains, see the Alpine meadows, waterfalls and mountain rivers. The place-names, which you have to visit, are spellbound only with their names: Fir meadow, “Claw” waterfall, Dzitaku lakes valley, “Bear Gate” mountain pass, hazelnut and peach orchards, boxwood waterfall, Mount Fischt.

The comfortable sport shoes and clothes are necessary outfit for horse riding, which are carried out in the company of the skilled instructors. Be so kind to let us know your wishes for the horse riding and we will select for you the interesting and informative route.