A new a unified walking trail will combine the main historical objects of culture and architecture. Special signs that display a historic fact sheet within the route will be set to comfort both traveler and local citizens. Besides, the optional smartphone QR-code option is under consideration.

The Sochi history takes its origins from 1838. A military settlement that was established in the area is starting to gain the Black sea town-resorts’ architectural features from the turn of ХIХ and ХХ centuries.

The best architects from all over the union (I. Joltovskiy, B. Schuco, Vesini brothers, A. Schusev) took part in developing project plan in 1933. So the Sochi headed the list of all-USSR constructions.

In order to involve travelers into the unique atmosphere of Sochi’s historical times the route will begin from the stairway to Navaginskiy fort, also known as Aleksandriya fort. The fortress was renamed in may 1839 and is the only one that remained out of other four military fortifications. Further the path will go to Primorskaya street, Central seaside promenade, Moris Torez sanatorium, Primorskiy and Luna parks. Following the itinerary one can get to a landmark construction – Gorsobranie (nowadays “Stereo” movie theater), that was initiated as a gift to the Sochi city-resort by Stalin in august in 1953. “Pushka and yakor” monument (“Cannon and anchor”), Pushkin’s library, A.Gordon’s the first medical doctor house can also be founded on the historical way. “Cannon and anchor” was created due to financial support of retired General L.F.Dolinskiy and symbolize the victory over Turkish military in 1828-1829.

From November 21st 2017 the route named “Historical Boulevard” will allow tourists and Sochi citizens to take a deep breath of the history of the resort by walking down the seaside and old streets. The Sochi mayor A.Pahomov noticed that the trail net that has 35 objects will expand, and include new places of interest such as art-sites.