Dear travelers! In connection with the avoidance of the medicines and psychotropic drug distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation, we ask you to become acquainted with the prohibited drug's list compiled in accordance with the legislation of the country.

 If your health requires constant use of the drugs listed below, ask your doctor for analogs that are permitted to be imported in Russia.  If there are no analogs, compile the required number of documents confirming the existence of the disease.  Also, do not forget to take a receipt of buying medicine and an extract from the doctor and be prepared for a conversation with customs control officers.



 • Federal Law No. 61, «On the Circulation of Medicines», states that the importation of medicines prohibited by law is permitted only with a prescription.


The prescription should be a confirming factor that the drug is intended specifically for the treatment of a particular disease of a citizen crossing the border.  The amount & dose of the medication must be indicated.  If the recipe was written in a foreign language, you would be required its notarized translation into Russian.


 Some types of drugs are allowed to be transported, provided that their prescription was issued in form No. 148-1-u-88.  These medicines are included in the list of drugs that are subject to quantification:


  - Androstanolone









 !  Medicines subject to import must be registered in the state register of medicines of the Russian Federation.  Otherwise, the certificate of manufacturer is attached to the drug.


Which drugs are banned for import?

 Alliloprodin (opioid analgesic).

 Alphameprodin (isomer of meprodin).

 Alphametadol (isomer of methadol).

 Alpha-methylpentanyl (opioid analgesic).


 Alfaprodin (opioid analgesic).

 Alphaacetylmethadol (methadone analog, opioid analgesic).  Alfentanil.







 Anileridine (synthetic opioid).



 Acetylhydrocodeine (semisynthetic opioid analgesic).








































 Dioxafetil butyrate.






















 Codeine N-oxide.


 Cocaine hydrochloride.

 Cocaine bush.







 Lysergic acid.


  Coca leaf.




 Poppy straws.

 Cannabis oil.

























 Morphine methyl bromide.

 Morphine N-oxide.

















 Opium Poppy.





















































 Poppy straw extract.


 Etaminal sodium.


 Ethyl morphine.

 Ethyl morphine hydrochloride.














 Ethyl Loflazepate.





All drugs that have the above components in their composition must be declared.  Otherwise, for an illegal import of narcotic & psychotropic drugs, an individual will be punished by imprisonment for 3 to 7 years or a fine of 1 million rubles.

 !  Due to the possibility of fungus or insect’s presence, medicinal herbs are also prohibited.



 Only with the permission of the drug control committee of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation the export of narcotic & psychotropic substances can be carried out.

 What cannot be exported from Russia?

 - dimorphic.

  - Kadein.

 - Morphine.

 - Phenobarbital.

 - Ephedrine.

 !  Drugs not containing narcotic components and intended for personal use are allowed to be imported without customs duties payment.