Welcome to “Rosa Khutor” – a permanent ski resort of fun & bright Sochi!

The time of lush snow drifts and soft frost is approaching in Krasnodar region, that is famous for a group of resorts. When “Rosa Khutor” begins the winter ski season in Sochi, Adler district?

On New year’s eve, from December 20, 2019 active holidays and skiing connoisseurs can start to conquer the snowy peaks of the natural giants. This season promises to be generous with positive changes. Summarizing, we can conclude that the bulk of the effort will focus on improving the quality of customer service. The resort will install more than 50 cameras. Large-scale video surveillance system gives the ability to monitor the workload of the hillsides in the online mode. It will be simpler for tourist to learn the answers to questions – innovations in the information system shall help as discoverers and also longtime visitors of this resort.

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