The winners were announced at the annual World Ski Awards Ceremony at Kitzbühel overlooking the Hanhnenkamm ski resort, Austria on 18th November 2017. Rosa Khutor wich is located in Sochi won the prize in the “Best Ski Resort in Russia” category.

“Roza Khutor” has over 102 km of ski tracks and more than 800 thousand guests each year (around 40% of both summer and winter seasons). The territory itself represents a small fairy town, where are splattering river and mountain Air Feels Cool and Fresh.

Well-organized area with good infrastructure provides an opportunity to arrange a large variety of activities for any preference and age category, including the youngest and most exacting clients. There is a vast diversity of transportation methods – from strolling to bicycle and electric vehicle rides. The local service meets the world standards, mountain and cableway vicinity make the Estosadok resort very comfortable place for ski riding. Kids clubs, ski equipment rentals, ski schools and camps, rest and food services are largely presented. Winter mountains connoisseur remark not only the convenience of chair lifts to “Volchya skala” (Wolf Rock) and “Edelweiss”, but also the picturesque lift route from Roza Pik to the valley of the river Mendelii on Abkhazian side. A virgin pristine clean forest spreads here; waterfalls, two walking routes are best for enjoying nature peacefulness both for solo and group outing.

Winter ski resorts such as Gazprom and Gorki Gorod, “Prielbrusie” complex (in Kabardino-Balkaria) and Zaviyaliha (Chelyabinsk region) were noticed among the other nominees.

The World Ski Awards is a world prestigious ski recreation award that was established in 2013 in order to stimulate up world standards within the industry and rewarding the ski companies leaders. Nowadays there are estimated 2500 ski resorts, hotels and chalets that serve over four hundred million skier visits worldwide. The World Ski Awards is the World Travel Awards affiliate and widely known as a kind of professional tourism Oscar award. Both ordinary ski tours customers and tourism industry professionals (senior executives, tour operators)

Participate in online voting. The votes counting were held from 2 June to 22 September 2017 by submitting forms on the WSA website.