Honouring the spirit of ancient times…

Celestica & Slavic mythology – something intangible, but imposing greedy interest with rustle & scent of yellowed ancient books of a white-haired sorcerer from a pagan temple.

The ancient holiday “Samain” on a par with the beloved Maslenitsa for 20 years gathers the admirers the Celtic peoples’ folklore in Russia, sings songs and dances around the campfire, just like thousands of years ago.


In the old days, the end of October was marked by a transition of time from the “light to the dark”. Ends summer and warm autumn come to the end, which means winter, with cold weather & overcast sky, is ready to paint all around by fabulous frost. The main thing – not to succumb to the snow Queen’s charms and keep the eternal soul’s flowering and bird’s singing, like in warm spring day, and also to thank the summer in a cheerful gown of sunlight for gifts.

The fire – the main deity of event, dear and respected attribute in Slavic & Celtic mythology, a reliable friend that will warm you in freezing cold of winter day. Stoking the fire, naughty dances & songs become “sacred” ritual that is known to us from the stories of history.

The participants & guests of the festival “Samayn” in dizzying costumes that are painted in the colours of the occasion, will ignite the fire of fun by glitter sparks from their eyes, and mischievous patter of dancing feet. The most unusual costume owner will get a gift.

On the stage of the Moscow club “Glastonbury” will sound bagpipes and “Celtic rock”, will be narrated the ballads about the lives of ancient Celts will be narrated. Musical groups from Scotland, Belarus, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Moscow and Izhevsk will play melodies, evoke the atmosphere of the authenticity the Slavic peoples. Long-haired nymphs & fairies, special note of shamanism and sorcery in every movement of the body is what creates the magic of the event, where every guest is especially loved and respected. Noisy concert replaced craftsmen’s fair, divination on runes, dancing lessons, and the night showing of movies.

Let’s meet the winter with “Samayn” festival, merging with dancing under bagpipe & ancient rites of Celtic culture! Check the details with our tour operators.