“… There are miracles: there is a wood goblin who wanders …” A.S. Pushkin

The aspiring giants of modern architecture are not comparable with ancient heritages. Today, huge mega cities rule the man, and villages remain in the shadow of the world tirelessly running ahead, in the serenity of trees and the tranquility of lakes. Keeping a unique atmosphere, villages live and prosper in different parts of Russia, embodied from folk fairy tales. So it seems that now there will appear the famous heroes: a hut on chicken legs, the Serpent Gorynych, and weeping Alyonushka near lake. No wonder that such places were a “muse” for Pushkin, Nekrasov, Turgenev, Tolstoy …

The most unusual and picturesque Russian villages are often visited by tourists from all over the world, because only here you can see old huts with shutters, miraculously preserved to this day, wooden churches and bell towers, untouched and quiet natural places – the personification of real Russian soul, wide, immense.

1) Vyatka beauty.

You will find it in Yaroslavl region and will be surprised at the majestic age – the village is over 500 years old! The famous Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov created his masterpieces here, inspired by each blade of grass of this wonderful place.

2) Baby Kinerma.

Kinerma located in Karelia consist of only 17 houses. All of them form a round with an old churchyard with a 250-year-old chapel, dancing a leisurely and calm dance. Most huts dating to the 18th century are included in the list of architectural heritage of Russia.

3) Funny guy Tarbagatay from Buryatia.

The colorful village Tarbagatay is adjacent to Lake Baikal, where the water is clearer than the air, and silence drives you crazy along with cosmic landscapes. 2001 year was significant for local residents as UNESCO declared the village an intangible heritage of all mankind! Now Tarbagatay is an honorary protected object, whose nature, architecture and hospitable people attract tourists with undiscovered power.

4) The holy place of all writers – Yasnaya Polyana.

Russian literature is inconceivable without nature – a source of endless inspiration. Yasnaya Polyana is famous not only for its landscapes, but also for its cultural heritage, which the great wiseman Leo Tolstoy created throughout all his life. There is a birch bridge and a pond, old huts and the estate itself, which annually attracts million fans of the wise old man. These days, the Tolstoy family carefully preserves the great wealth of Russian literature – Leo Tolstoy’s house-museum.

Discovering the unknown is so interesting!