Hugs of warm autumn will be long remembered by guests of the festival #winefest and residents of Sevastopol, because from September 28 to September 29, 2019, in the Balaklava district will be the most fun & tasty holiday of a young wine.

Winefest is a special festival where the variety of kinds and flavours of Crimean wines surprises: their playful and barely perceptible notes shall turn everyone’s mind. The exhibition & presentation of beloved by everybody drink will be held in the open air, including master classes of winemaking, tasting, thematic competitions, games and even flying inside a fabulous balloon!

The promotion and growth of gastronomic tourism is the main and most noble mission of the festival.  In the days of “wine fun” will operate an open market where you can buy genuine farm products, unusual sweets & drinks.

Anyone who wants to learn the skill of winemaking, are invited to take excursions to wine farms.  Here, under the shade of a vine, you will be plunged into the secrets of this ancient art.

A generous festival is ready to accept every connoisseur of this magic drink, and Dolores Travel Russia team will take care of the comfortable stay of their guests in legendary hero city Sevastopol.