Russian Culture

All-Russian poetry festival in honor of Sergey Esenin

The All-Russian poetry festival in honour of Sergey Esenin is an annual and favourite event for literary treasures collectors. The venue remains unchanged – the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan Region, State Museum-Reserve of S.A. Yesenin.

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Big Sevastopol officer’s ball

The art of dancing in the smooth and elegant movements of hands under the rustle of dresses, tender looks, and eternal, devoted love – it sounds like an excerpt from a novel of the great Russian classics.

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Suzdal Euphrosyne Fair

This holiday appeared in Russia in the far 13th century, in honor of holy miracle worker Euphrosyne from the Rizpolozhensky monastery.

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Retro trams of St. Petersburg

Retro trams, revived from the novels of M. A. Bulgakov, began to drive around the cultural capital. Guests from the past will ride you along the magnificent bridges of St. Petersburg and not only...

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Russia Sights

How to choose the brightest stars among the myriads of the Russian architectural heritage? In the blog of the company Dolores Travel Russia you will find the TOP-30 main Russia sights, which annually attract ten millions of tourists to get acquainted with eternal beauty!

Man-made historical monuments & wonderful natural places - one trip is not enough to appreciate all the wealth of the Russian State, so you should start with the main thing-the sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their familiar images, which have formed the Russia image for tourists, deserve the right to open the treasures of antiquity first.

What unites Russian architectural monuments? Expressive poetry in stone and the uniqueness of each object, in each decor element. And of course, greatness. The Russian Tsarstvo, Russian Empire & the USSR – each of these epochs have distinctive cultural layers, events & heroes. But the desire for superpower status is the connecting thread of the Russian people in the maelstrom of time.

In the blog Dolores Travel Russia - detailed description of the most popular Russia attractions for aesthetic pleasure, satisfaction of the knowledge thirst & a pleasant stay in a peaceful atmosphere.