Useful information about Russia

Rules for canceling the order, refund.

The CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the order at any time, in accordance with the requirements of the cancellation period. To do this, call the hotel and inform them about the cancellation.

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About the rules of import / export of drugs

In connection with the avoidance of the medicines and psychotropic drug distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation, we ask you to become acquainted with the prohibited drug's list compiled in accordance with the legislation of the country.

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Signs and superstitions: what do travelers believe in?

Today, some travelers have maintained the tradition of superstition. As well as hundreds years ago, ancient sailors were guided by omens, nowadays tourists are wary of signs of fate. We don’t know if you believe in signs. But sure – you love travel.

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Russia Sights

How to choose the brightest stars among the myriads of the Russian architectural heritage? In the blog of the company Dolores Travel Russia you will find the TOP-30 main Russia sights, which annually attract ten millions of tourists to get acquainted with eternal beauty!

Man-made historical monuments & wonderful natural places - one trip is not enough to appreciate all the wealth of the Russian State, so you should start with the main thing-the sights of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Their familiar images, which have formed the Russia image for tourists, deserve the right to open the treasures of antiquity first.

What unites Russian architectural monuments? Expressive poetry in stone and the uniqueness of each object, in each decor element. And of course, greatness. The Russian Tsarstvo, Russian Empire & the USSR – each of these epochs have distinctive cultural layers, events & heroes. But the desire for superpower status is the connecting thread of the Russian people in the maelstrom of time.

In the blog Dolores Travel Russia - detailed description of the most popular Russia attractions for aesthetic pleasure, satisfaction of the knowledge thirst & a pleasant stay in a peaceful atmosphere.