Guide to Russia

And here in Russia ...

 Staying in sweet thoughts about upcoming vacation, close your eyes and imagine yourself standing amid golden ears of wheat. The gentle sun rays& soft wind caresses your face, weeping birch trees sway in the distance, the rustle of herbs gives a wonderful aroma. You are in Russia.

 Luxuriously adorned by nature itself, a rich, rebellious country, statuesque as an empress, in its decorations is comparable only to a fairy tale.  There are many funny legends about her: the inhabitants of the planet strive to become her guests, knowing the generosity and cordiality of her character.

 Having retained individuality & unique style, Russia is moving away from the framework of boring & ordinary tourism: the mountain serpentines of the Caucasus, the azure coasts of the southern seas, the mysterious lands of Altai with preserved traditions of shamanism, modest villages and world megacities, have become the objects of greedy research, and later the choice for million tourists.

 Russia is a small planet where cultural and spiritual wealth lives. Such different people, extraordinary cities with unique destinies, the exceptional culture of regions - everything breathes and flourishes, wrapped up in one sky. The country of great commanders & rulers, whose names crushed the enemies, historically shown its power in all life spheres. The Russian spirit is invincible.

Paint your mood with khokhloma patterns, put on a Russian cap, try the famous borsch - and now you are a real Russian. So everyone falls in love with gorgeous Russia, whirling in passions, enchanted by nature and spirit of its lands.

Everything about fabulous Russia: culture, religion, facts, cuisine and more

The ability to be attractive and mysterious is familiar to her firsthand. Get acquainted with the many-sided and amazing universe of the country, where outstanding works of art were created and the greatest discoveries were achieved.

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Fascinating facts about Russia, the biggest country on our planet

Let's discover all the most interesting about life in a wonderful land...


Sometimes even experienced travellers are attracted by their native land with its familiar, but no less beloved views.

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Russian tours for foreigners often begin from Moscow, although it is called the state within the state because it differs too much from the main part of the Federation.

Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg, the city on the Neva, “Venice of the North” it is possible to compose various epithets of this extraordinary city, but the fact remains the same – St. Petersburg is a unique place.


Sochi is the name of the southern capital of Russia, a resort of federal importance, the second-longest city in the world (behind Mexico City, and ahead of another Russian city – Krivoy Rog).


The gentle sea and sandy beaches of Evpatoria attract tourists from all over the world. Surprisingly, it is not possible to find not a single pebble on the beaches of this resort town, unlike the rest of the southern Crimea beaches.


This city is a true capital of the South of Crimea: Yalta, or as it is often called – “Russian Riviera”. The magnificent climate was highly appreciated by the imperial family.


The sovereign state from 1994, Abkhazia is also known as Kolkhida is the presidential republic located in Asia on the shores of the Black sea.

Russia Golden Ring

In 1967 art historian Yuri Alexandrovich Bychkov by assignment of the newspaper “Soviet culture” traveled through a very specific historical route by car (Moskvich).


Kerch is a guardian of the Crimea, a city with a difficult but good fate. 52 kilometers of the city coast is washed by the Black and Azov seas, by the waters of the Kerch Strait and Lake Sivash, with different temperatures and salinity.


Moving along the mountain road from Simferopol to the South coast, Alushta will be the first city on the way. Resort town covers an area of less than seven square kilometers, and a second popular place after Yalta.


Ancient Greek Tauric Chersonese, Byzantine Kherson, Genoese Sarsona and, of course, Old Russian Korsun – all these are historical landmarks of one city – August Sevastopol.


Small town-resort of the southern Crimean coast, located at the mouth of the river Avunda in Gurzuf valley. This urban-type settlement covers an area of almost five square kilometers and has a population of 9,155 people.


Sudak is the most beautiful corner of the Crimean coast. This small, but very handsome resort city is located between two peaks Alchak and Serf mountain.


Feodosiya is a city with a noble centuries-old history, one of the oldest on the planet, created in the epoch of Greek prosperity, an ancient city that survived ups and downs. Today, Feodosia is one of the most popular resorts in Crimea.


Pyatigorsk is the oldest resort town located on the territory of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District, formed in 2010.


Essentuki is a resort province, a cozy corner in the south of Russia, a city of federal significance, the birthplace of the famous bottled mineral water № 4 and № 17.


Zheleznovodsk — the smallest & calmest of Caucasian Mineral Waters cities-resorts. Its population is only about 50,000 people. But this is a city with excellent infrastructure despite small size.


Kislovodsk holds first place for several resorts, second place in population among the resorts of KMV, and the absolute superiority on sunny days.


Sometimes experienced travelers are attracted to the native land with its familiar, but no less favorite views. Russia, which occupies about a third of the Eurasia continent, has preserved an incredible number of virgin nature corners with fascinating blue lakes, rocks and rivers. A well-thought-out route, like the launch of a time-machine, will help you overcome the limitations and captivate the country's original history, stretching for millennia, awe-inspiring natural objects and absolutely unique cultural heritage.
Choosing the direction of the upcoming trip, you should determine, in fact, the purpose of the trip itself. Get an adrenaline rush and blow up corduroy in the early morning? Celebrate the New Year's Eve around a campfire in tents, watching the starsfall? Perhaps you can upgrade your fishing gear in the quiet of a high-altitude lake? Dolores Travel Russia has the ability to create tours with various goals and destinations. The directions offered by the company – Sochi, Crimea and KMW-make it possible to combine extensive programs that are formed according to individual customer preferences, both in terms of entertainment and accommodation conditions.

Charm and comfort, spiritual atmosphere, warm sea, in the silence of the picturesque landscapes of Sochi, Crimea and KMW, will undoubtedly have only a positive impact on physical and emotional health.