Train ticketing on Russian Railways

On the train

On the train

Journey to Russia with the sound of the wheels – romance comes from favourite Russian novels. Are you dreaming to travel around Russian land, admiring the landscapes outside the window? 

Economical, comfortable, exciting – travelling by train can bring a lot of fun. Dolores Travel Russia offers the sale of railway tickets for travelling within Russia. For the comfort of tourists, railway stations in Russia recommend upgraded high-speed trains "Sapsan" on the route Moscow-St. Petersburg-Moscow, and "Lastochka".


German "Sapsan" is ideal for long trips and comfortable stay. The name of the train speaks for itself - "Sapsan" capable of revealing speeds from 250 to 140 km/h. So it takes 3-4 hours for the distance between Moscow and Saint-Petersburg depending on the number of stops. 

The train consist of 10 wagons. The design and equipment of chairs take into account the specifics of transportation, passengers are guaranteed comfort even during a long trip.

• Comfortable climate 
• The use of modern sound insulation materials 
• Daylight and dimmed night lighting 
• There is a baby-changing table in the bathroom of the 6th and 16th wagons
• In the first-class carriage, passengers can use coupe-negotiation as well as a mini-office with all necessary equipment. 

In the entire space functions Wi-fi and a medical centre. Passengers are offered daily newspapers, blanket, pillows, baby supplies, mobile bar and food. 


High-speed train "Lastochka" can accelerate to 160 km/h and consists of 5 cars.

 Passengers of "Lastochka" can use services of mobile bars, plug, purchase on-Board Essentials. In business-class wagon service the machine for cleaning shoes, road and children's sets (clothed, pillow, blanket). The food is guaranteed. Interior was embodied in light tones that creates an atmosphere of blissful. 

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