Car rental

Car rental

Car rental

Car rental is a practical service that is easy & convenient to use.  The car hire market in Russia is relatively young, but despite this, it is full of car rental companies for foreign citizens. This service popularity increases with tourism development, and therefore it is necessary to know about it for everyone who is going on a trip along with Russian lands, whose beauty is inexplicably amazing.

Rules & subtleties of rent.

 Arriving in another country, it is better to take care of renting a car beforehand: book an auto a few days in advance.  The cost of an economy-class vehicle starts from 2,000 to 3,500 thousand rubles, while more stately car prices start to vary from 5,000 rubles. As a rule, petrol, CTP & CASCO are already included in that prices. In case of the latter, company includes in this price only basic package, that is talking about the risk of theft and damage in an accident. This means that in the event of other unforeseen situations (punctured wheel or scratched bumper), the tenant will have to pay for violations from his pocket. Full insurance is possible, but only in case of an additional fee.

 At what age is the client allowed to drive? In most car rental companies, drivers under the age of 18, and sometimes people under the age of 21, are not allowed to drive cars.  There is an age restriction for older drivers: people over 75 years old are not afforded to drive vehicles.

If upon arrival someone wants to use a rental auto, his driving experience should be from 1 to 2 years. While renting a car, provide the company representatives with the original of current international driver’s license and passport.


Useful to know:

 - Before you go on a trip with rented auto, inspect the machine: in case of damage, immediately inform the rental company’s representative.  Inspect the car for not being in an unpleasant situation and not to become guilty.

 - Many firms limit mileage. Therefore, choose a car with an unlimited tariff, paying little more than usual amount.

 - If you rent a car for the first time and going to spend your journey with a small child, the company will provide a child car seat for an additional fee.

 Premium roads

 In Russia, as in most European countries, there are premium roads, the quality of which is loved by many drivers. High-quality coating and maximum permitted speed (150 km / h) make feel speed power & freedom.

 You will find premium roads in Russia on M-4 Don highway from 48 to 71 kilometers (Moscow region), a section of the same route in Lipetsk region between Khlevnoye village & Zadonsk city, a section of the Altai-Kuzbass highway, as well as the road Western high-speed diameter of St. Petersburg (intersection with the Ring Road).  The price per 1 kilometer can range from 40 to 250 rubles. Fare is usually paid at special checkpoints where credit cards & cash are accepted.



The lessor has a right to penalize his client if the vehicle was returned in an unsightly view – dirt lumps, dust & rubbish in passenger compartment may fail at the inappropriate time. Therefore, agreements foresee such a scrupulous moment. If the auto is returned dirty - pay a fine of up to 1000 rubles.

 Also, don’t expect the lessor to pay for traffic fines. In the event of an accident or rules violation, the driver pays on his own.  Be careful with gasoline: return the used car with a full tank, otherwise, a fine at higher price will also be charged for missing liters.