Credit cards

Credit cards

Credit cards


Confidence in the convenience and reliability of your travel is what gives an even greater desire to discover new things around the vastness of the Earth.  Russia, the largest country on the world territory, invites you to explore the lands of the tsar’s tenure in the territories extended by freedom.

 Going on the road, the question of using a credit card in a foreign country is put bluntly: do the rules of use differ there, which payment system to choose and with what subtleties the collisions are highly likely. But it’s worth sorting out issues that are difficult at first glance, so as not to feel helpless for miles from home.

 A credit card is an indispensable thing on a trip.  As in every corner of the European continent, international Visa and Mastercard cards are popular among tourists in Russia – they help pay for purchases, services and cash.

 Credit Card Benefits:

 - Instant payment

 - In case of theft or loss of cash, the card will help not to stay with an "empty pocket"

 - The dependence of currency exchange points disappears

 At the request of the holder, the card will be issued on the count in dollars or rubles.  In Russia, there are no noticeable differences between MasterCard and Visa - both types of cards are convenient, practical and reliable.  Try to use Union Pay and JCB - for Russia they are still exotic, but they are already popular.

 When cashing out money from the terminal, remember the conversion, as well as the commission charged by the bank due to the operation of the device.  Before withdrawing budget, the ATM will warn about this with a warning on the screen.


 1. You can save money following the advice of banks: being abroad, withdraw big amounts with a minimum frequency.

 2. To prevent fraud with cards, banks recommend to set up a spending limit and restrictions on card transactions in an electronic bank

 3. Conclude the insurance agreement for a credit card - this will save you from problems if fraudsters want to receive your money.