Essentuki is a resort province, a cozy corner in the south of Russia, a city of federal significance, the birthplace of the famous bottled mineral water № 4 and № 17.

Among the main local sightseeings are the largest in Europe mud baths (1915). The building was built in the style of neoclassicism with ancient Greek gods statues in front of its facade: Hygieia and her father  Asclepius, patrons of health, medicine and healing. The mud for medical procedures is delivered from Tambukansky Lake, located 20 km from the city.

Then the resort park that occupies more than a hectare and is a great place for strolling and getting aesthetic pleasure from the restored monuments of architecture:

  • The private bath building of Emperor Nicholas II (1899) at the top of the park

  • Drinking galleries №4 and №17

  • ‘Oreanda’ Pergolas

The list also includes the Zander Institute of Mechanotherapy, where one can be astounded by ancient but workable fitness machines. Holiday-makers are diligently having work outs on these machines, restoring muscles in case of impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system. Mechanotherapy is used as a prophylaxis for reducing the risk of thromboembolic complications.

  • The pump room №1 of the source №4 and the grotto “Lady’s tears”

  • Temple of Healer Panteleimon

  • Church of the Holy High Priest Peter and Paul

  • Nicholas Church (1826)

Essentuki is an unforgettable place with its special “provincial romance”, unlike most of the resort towns it will leave you with warm memories about the days spent here in the happy relaxed atmosphere.


Climate & nature


Essentuki enjoys a pronounced steppe climate. Winter here is quite warm, but the summer is dry and hot. The weather is stable, the temperature drops are almost imperceptible and most tourists, especially those who come from afar, do not feel a sharp change in the climate zone.

The mineral waters of Essentuki are famous all over the world. Their composition is really unique, hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to the city for treatment successfully cure chronic diseases of the liver, gastrointestinal tract, and metabolism.

Nightlife info

The town is full of quiet, cozy cafes and family restaurants. The food here is so tasty and inexpensive that it's just amazing! Ever dreamed of trying the best dishes of Caucasian cuisine? Make sure to visit one of these establishments. There are a lot of boarding houses and hotels in the city. Both budget and luxury. Local residents are also happy to rent rooms in their own houses and cottages.

Culture and history info


The development of the resort industry attracted a large number of immigrants who were getting rich from caring about and servicing patients who came for the treatment with healing water and mud. The "Kompanejskaya" hotel with 64 rooms, the first of its kind, was opened in 1875 in the eastern part of the health park. In the same year, the construction of a railway between Rostov and Caucasian Spas was completed. The increased flow of balneotourists stimulated the rapid development of the infrastructure of the city, which gradually grew and took on the features of a present days resort with its cobbled streets, fountains and luxurious green parks.

In the period 2004-2009, the town authorities initiated the vast renovation works of the iconic sights of Essentuki including fountains, Teatralnaya Square, Mud Hospital and Upper baths.

There are more than 30 health resorts in Essentuki, there are whole blocks of historical Cossack buildings, as well as an airfield used for holding competitions in parachuting, "aerobatics" of pilots and preparation of students for flight schools.

The provincial charm of Essentuki with its many parks, architectural monuments, beautiful places, and improved health conditions will leave an unforgettable impression and will make you want to come back here again and again.