Feodosiya is a city with a noble centuries-old history, one of the oldest on the planet, created in the epoch of Greek prosperity, an ancient city that survived ups and downs. Today, Feodosia is one of the most popular resorts in Crimea. Large seaport of regional importance.

Feodosia is a high-quality resort with all required resources and full infrastructure for effective treatment: therapeutic mud, mineral water, gentle sea, brownish-yellow sand, dry and hot climate, extended medical experience and modern equipment. Local sanatoriums treat gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, circulatory system, chronic kidney disease, biliary tract, diabetes.
The summer residence of Stamboli is the most famous area of Feodosiya, a well-known city symbol. The building itself is an outstanding image of the entire black sea coast. Today a traveler can enjoy a fine-dining restaurant, serving dishes from several different cuisines’ of the world.

The highest season is considered to be the vacation time from late May to early September. Feodosia holidays are quite affordable. The more of Russian compatriots prefer them to Turkey or Egypt ones.

Well, let’s put it this way – if you are looking for the perfect holiday destination, be sure to visit this magical town of Feodosia, perfect for both family and romantic holiday memories.

Climate & nature

What does the melodious name of this city mean? Why does he get the attention of tourists from the farthest corners of our planet?

Feodosiya. Translated from the Greek name of the city means "Given by God." It is true that there are a delightful climate, amazing nature and healing in all meanings of the word atmosphere. The local guest houses are open to the public all year round. Here they treat a lot of diseases, give people health and unforgettable impressions about the vacation.

The city is a peculiar border between mountain and Crimea steppe. Crystal seawater, endless sandy, and pebble beaches — there is everything and even a little more. The nature of this city is unusual, it is unlike the usual scenery of the steppes of southern Crimea. Also, Feodosiya is different and its climate-piercing wind, frost, thunderstorms.

Nightlife info

The city is full of nightlife entertainment. If you decide to go in search of adventure and willing to diversify everyday resort routine, visit one of the clubs in the capital. The city offers entertainment to satis taste. Discos, bars, Nightclubs amaze with their program and repertoire.