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When you are thinking sweetly about the rest, close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in the middle of the golden ears of wheat. Your face is caressed by the gentle rays of the sun and the soft wind, birches are rippling in the distance, the rustle of herbs gives off a beautiful aroma. You are in Russia.

Luxuriously decorated by nature itself, rich, rebellious, as the empress country in its decorations is comparable only to a fairy tale. There are many funny legends about her: the inhabitants of the planet aspire to be its guests, aware of the generosity and generosity of her character.

Preserving a single identity and unique image, Russia departs from the framework of boring and ordinary tourism: mountain serpentines of the Caucasus, azure coasts of the southern seas, the mysterious lands of Altai with preserved traditions of shamanism, modest villages and world megacities, have become objects of greedy research, and in consequence, and selection of tourists. Russia is a small planet where cultural and spiritual wealth lives. Such different people, such extraordinary cities with unique destinies, exceptional culture of regions - all breathe and prospers, wrapped in one sky. The country of great generals and rulers, whose names crushed enemies, has long demonstrated its power in all spheres of life. The Russian spirit is invincible.

Paint your mood with ornaments of khokhloma, put on a hat, try the famous borscht - and here you are a real Russian person. Thus fall in love with the beautiful Russia, swirling in passion, enchanted by nature and the spirit of its lands.

All about extraordinary Russia: culture and religion, climate, interesting facts, cuisine

The ability to be attractive and mysterious is familiar to her. Get to know the versatile and amazing universe of the country where outstanding works of art have been created and the greatest discoveries have been made that have changed the world.
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Credit cards

Required information on credit card usage
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Interesting facts about Russia, the largest country on the planet

We learn all the interesting things about life in the glorious land...
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Sometimes even seasoned travelers attracts the native land with his familiar, but from that no less favorite views.
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Travel insurance in Russia. Travel with confidence in the future

Taking care of you: what should you know about insurance?
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Rent a car

Car rental - a practical service that is easy and convenient to use. The car rental market in Russia is relatively young, but despite this, it is full of car rental companies for foreign nationals.
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