Memo to a tourist visiting the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory (Sochi).


Helpful information:

Greater Sochi Region

Sochi is a special resort, a place where there are vast sea blue, stone breakers of the Caucasus Mountains and hot subtropics that fill the coast with sun and the fragrance of the Mediterranean flora. 145 km from Tuapse to Abkhazia, a series of pebble beaches stretched the shore of Greater Sochi, combining the famous resorts of Loo, Lazarevskoye, Matsestu, Khosta and Adler. 40 km from the sun-drenched beaches, on the elephants of the Main Caucasian Range, there is another Sochi resort - Krasnaya Polyana.



Sochi is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory, 1362 km from Moscow and 300 km from Krasnodar. The resort stretches 145 km along a narrow strip along the Black Sea coast, bounded on one side by the slopes of the Main Caucasian Range, and on the other by sea waters.

The relief of Greater Sochi is a series of mountain spurs and terraces descending in tiers to the sea. Ranges and ridges cut through river valleys, gorges, beams and ravines. In the south of Sochi, 40 km from the coast, are the peaks of the Main Caucasus Range - Aibga and Psekhako mountains, reaching heights of 2500-3000 m.

The flora of Greater Sochi is Mediterranean flora, Caucasian forests and relict trees. The streets of the resorts are decorated with palm trees, cypress, thuja and plane tree, rhododendrons and violets. The mountain elephants are covered with deciduous forests in which oak and beech, hornbeam and chestnut grow. In Sochi, the remains of relict forests are preserved - in the Khosta area there is a yew-boxwood grove, the resort territory covers part of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.



Sochi's climate is humid, subtropical. Weather conditions are strongly influenced by the relief of the resort. The ridge of the Caucasus Mountains protects the city and villages from the cold air masses from the continent. The resort has only three seasons: long, sunny and warm autumn, early and short spring, hot and long summer. The average temperature in Sochi in July is 23.2 ° C, the average January temperature is 6.1 ° C. The average annual rainfall is 1700 mm per year. Most of them occur in the period from October to February. The swimming season in Sochi lasts from late May to mid-October. The water temperature in this period ranges from 17-25 ° C. Traditionally, the beginning of autumn is considered the best period for a holiday on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. During this period, called the "velvet season", daytime temperatures are not as high as in July, the sea is still warm, and the beaches are freer.



Souvenirs that can be brought: souvenirs with Olympic symbols; folk art objects; delicacies (Krasnodar tea, alpine chestnut honey, adjika, etc.)



Do not forget that prolonged exposure to the sun during the hot season can be harmful and dangerous! While on vacation, protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and do not allow children to overheat, especially in the first days of their stay at the resort. It is better to sunbathe before 11 am or after 16 hours.



The cuisine of the Krasnodar Territory is a prime example. In addition, the kitchen experiences the culinary spirit of the Caucasus. The most popular dishes of Caucasian cuisine:


kebab - ground meat kebab

khachapuri - tortilla stuffed

Khinkali - prepared from dough, the filling is chopped or minced spiced meat.



If you liked the service, you can tip drivers and guides on excursions, waiters, porters, maids, etc. In restaurants, tips usually amount to 5-10% of the total bill.


Unforeseen circumstances (Force Majeure)

Dolores Travel Russia is not responsible for the delay or change of your tour that occurred for reasons beyond the control of the company. Among them: the threat of military action, strikes, riots for economic reasons; disasters; military actions; failure of technological equipment (elevators, air conditioners, pumps for water supply); technical breakdowns of aircraft; airport closure.


Important information 

Upon arrival at Sochi Airport (Adler):

  1. Pass passport control (a passport with a visa is presented, sometimes a return ticket and a voucher are available upon request).
  2. After receiving the baggage, go through customs control. If there are items to be declared in your luggage, go through the red corridor; if there are no such items, use the green corridor.
  3. At the exit from the customs zone, a representative of Dolores Travel Russia will meet you in the arrival hall (if you have ordered a transfer). Tell him your last name, the name of the tour (if you are traveling on an excursion tour) or the name of the hotel (if you are going on vacation).


Upon arrival at the hotel:

  1. Go to the reception, where they will give you a registration card.
  2. Fill out the registration card in English (for foreign guests).
  3. Hand over the completed registration card, a voucher (1 copy of the remaining two), a Russian or foreign passport (the passport will be returned to you after making a photocopy, check at the reception desk when you can pick up your passport).
  4. In the process of registration, a resort fee is charged based on the resolution of November 27, 2017 No. 3690-KZ “On the introduction of a resort fee in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. The size of the resort fee for one day of actual tourist accommodation is 10 rubles. Resort tax payers: individuals over 18 years of age who plan to live in accommodation facilities for more than 24 hours.
  5. Expect check-in. Check in at the hotel from 14:00 - 15:00. If you want to check into the room earlier than the specified time, you must pre-book a room one day earlier than the date of your arrival. In this case, you will be checked into the room as soon as you arrive at the hotel). If necessary, things can be left in the hotel's luggage room. In case of problems with accommodation, contact your company representative. Upon check-in, you will be given room keys.
  6. After checking in, check out the information provided by the hotel. Pay attention to what services are paid and how much they cost (as a rule, the information is in the folder and lies on the table or bedside table).


During the stay:

Before you use the service, find out how much it costs. In the event of a conflict with the hotel or restaurant administration (for example, refusal to pay for services), the administration representative has the right to act in accordance with Russian rules and laws.

Do not forget to pay in advance bills for additional services at the hotel: telephone calls, use of the minibar, laundry, dry cleaning, etc.

Hotels often occupy historical buildings, rooms of the same category can be different in layout and size. When ordering a single room, keep in mind that you pay only for "loneliness", and these numbers can be significantly less than the standard double room.

Smoking is not allowed in the common areas of the hotels, such as the lobby, restaurant and bar. Most hotels have non-smoking rooms.


Excursions and transfers

Group tours and transfers: booked group tours and transfers are provided to tourists only at the times indicated in the program or voucher

Individual excursions and transfers: for each individual service there should be a separate voucher, which indicates the day, time, meeting place, as well as a contact phone number, which should be called in case of problems and questions.

Individual excursions to museums: entrance tickets are paid on the spot, waiting in line with a guide reduces the excursion time (long lines to museums).

Individual transfers: the waiting time at the airport is 2 hours after the landing time, according to the arrival schedule. In case of significant delays (more than 2 hours) the transfer may not be provided. If you cannot find a representative who is meeting you or a group with a sign, please call the numbers indicated in the voucher.


On the eve of departure home

  1. Go to the hotel reception and check if you have unpaid bills for additional services (using a minibar, telephone, etc.). If there are debts, pay them.
  2. An information letter will be brought to your room about the time of departure and departure from the hotel. If this letter was not brought to your room before evening, go to the hotel reception after dinner and check the information.
  3. The time of the return flight, as well as the time of the provision of transfers and excursions is the local time of Sochi, Russia (UTC / GMT + 3). Do not forget about the time difference!


Departure from the hotel

On the day of departure, hotel rooms are usually vacated by 12:00. Before the set time, hand over the keys at the reception. You can leave your luggage in the hotel's luggage room.

In order to avoid various complications, please do not be late and approach the transfer 5-10 minutes before the indicated time.


Arrival at Adler Airport

  1. During the return transfer from the hotel to the airport, the escort will tell you about the process of check-in for the flight and baggage, passport and customs control.
  2. Check in for your flight (show your passport and ticket).
  3. Check your luggage at the front desk.
  4. Get your boarding pass. Pay attention to the exit number (GATE) and time for boarding (TIME) on board the aircraft.
  5. Pass passport control (present passport with visa and boarding pass).
  6. Go to the departure lounge and wait for the announcement of boarding the plane.