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Best Hotels in Russia, Sochi - Places to stay

There are several thousand hotels of different price categories in Sochi. From inexpensive private apartments to elite boarding houses on the first coastline. You can choose the accommodation option with swimming pools, private beach and even with amusement park.

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Boarding houses and sanatoriums

Do you want to not only have a good rest, but also to improve your body in a comprehensive way? Travel Center provides services for selecting and booking health resorts in Sochi. We offer the best accommodation options in a wide range of prices - from affordable boarding houses to business class solutions.

The city is recognized as the largest Russian balneological and climatic resort, characterized by high efficiency. Resorts in Sochi are located on the entire 145-kilometer zone of the black sea coast. There are more than 50 popular sites that differ in the types of treatment and services provided. Thanks to the high level of service, the huge preventive and therapeutic potential of natural resources, recreation in boarding houses will be truly wonderful, and treatment will be as effective as possible.